Cheats Tips And Guide Killer Clown Chase Hack

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Cheats Tips And Guide Killer Clown Chase Hack


Your adventure starts off at the Star Awards, where the paparazzi is ready to take your picture and the host is asking you on how your career got started.

You can simply tap on the task board in the bottom righthand corner, I’d say in case you’re not sure what to do.

Through the game, you may be given various tasks and goals to achieve.

If you should spring off a bit farther to reach the next, you may need to press a bit longer to make your clown spring forward to the next platform.

Curt taps will cause your clown to bounce to the next trampoline after a narrow gap. Otherwise, your clown will fall, see tip #1!

Never hit the floor or you’ll end the game prematurely.

Watch out and be extra careful when moving from one to the next, The bars are also spaced irregularly.

Needless to say, It is easy to forget this as long as you also score by springing off the trampolines. It if you do, it should be worth 5 pts, be extra careful though being that they move about aimlessly and are quite a problem to hit.

Score well by bouncing off people as well. To be a ‘full fledged’ nasty clown, after that, bounce off those panicky people below as well! The game premise is to scare panicky people by bounce off of them and on trampolines along the way.



Ready to spook people without getting accosted by the police? Killer Clown Chase is a fun and exciting game. With a mobile game instead, creepy clowns was on the news frequently as of late and if you’re feeling adventurous and plain mean, you undoubtedly should better get into the craze. Download this game now and read our Killer Clown Chase hack and cheats to beat the p score! This is the case. The best part is it won’t get you in trouble with the law enforcers!

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