2 Use Your Charm To Get What You Look For Games

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2 Use Your Charm To Get What You Look For Games

Prioritise and match it, I’d say if you see a number beside a gem. And so it’s always a cool thing to work on one area first before you go to other spots on the board for matching. These are some amount of our Gems Story hack and cheats. Also, There you have it. Share your high score on the comments section below, we love hearing about your game experiences! Please do not hesitate to we must know, I’d say in case you have more game secrets to others in on.


You need to network and meet new people, when you go to your first party in the game.

Arnie talked to Drew at KTV and he’s planning to get you an audition.

You can earn some cash, if you say yes. You’ll run into a woman who asks you if you work ther, when you leave Wasted. Therefore, Make your way to Arnies office. Tap on most of the birds to earn energy and cash, when you get to the location for your audition. Seriously. Going to parties is a great way to make new contacts. Normally, you will earn extra points, because you got your foot in the door.

If you tell him you’re a barista he’ll be excited at the thought of coffee and will talk to his agent Arnie about getting you to be a part of the commercial.

New people you meet in the game will instantly be added to your contacts.

Wasted, you’ll meet Jacob from The Static Universe Theory and Arnie, an agent, when you get to the local bar. Jacob will ask you what you’re currently doing for work. Flirt with Jacob and let him know you’re ready to date a celebrity. Just keep reading. That doesn’t mean you can’t look good, I’d say if you work at Starbeans. Now look. You can customize your look so you can rise to fame. Known Simply select clothes to wear that are currently available to you. Quite a few items in the shop won’t be available to wear until you advance to higher levels of the game. Also, Be sure to do as much as you can when you’re given an assignment.

You’ll need to prove to you can immediately get the job, Warren that you know what’s in a cappuccino.

You’ll be asked to create your name for the game, when you talk to Warren.

You must talk to Warren, the manager, when you’re at Starbeans. You will know how well your doing by the stars in the bottom of the screen. You can earn additional cash by clicking on the video camera in the p left hand corner in Starbeans. For example, its not about how big the job is, its about how well you perform. This is the case. Your friend Tony Devera mentions that Starbeans is hiring, and it’s a good idea to go talk to the manager. You’ll be able to unlock new stuff, when you get XP at the end. Luckily, Starbeans is right next door so you can walk right over. However, You after that, find yourself in your apartment talking to Tony Devera, where he’s excited to watch his television debut.

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