Cheats Tips And Guide Love And Hip Hop The Game Hack Game Premise

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Cheats Tips And Guide Love And Hip Hop The Game Hack Game Premise

Perform these decisions/actions over and over to earn more premium items. Doing things repeatedly will only earn you more items that you can use to dress up, party, complete missions, and similar once the activities get done, you can always wait for them to refresh and do them again. Don’t hesitate to spend for awhile being that they’re quite easy to earn as well. Of course a lot of things that you can get out of spending your bills are premium gems. To earn EXP, you should spend the bills in exchange for actions that will give you more in return. Write Those activities will if you need to stand out. Thing that you should do is to choose your character’s appearance. For ages road to the top. Carefully select the features that you think should look good on a character that you have in mind. Considering the above said.

Now on to the tutorial, and don’t even think about skipping!

Sims like but with plenty of attitude!

This game makes it easy for you to experience the climb to the p of stardom.

Do everything you can to land a recording deal and become a star! Losing isn’t an option when you are a celebrity, like the game says. Therefore, as we thought a lot more on what we wanted to do we made a house out of the outdoor lamp posts.

Ahhhh that was the coolest sims house I ever had. One of my sims decided to grill up therefore he set the house on fire! There are a few other options, thence type in!. Entering. You can even repeat your last cheat with! Between them, If you look for to hook a couple of cheats gether stick a. Another trick you can pull to mess with the mail delivery dude, and anyone else that wanders near your place, is this. On p of this, activate the Move Any Object cheat, grab the mailman and write him in the fenced area -he’s trapped and can’t deliver your bills, when you have the fence ready. Map Editor On cheat and build a tiny area with a fence all around it. Now pay attention please. Part of being a celebrity is looking good without being look, there’re literally ns of clothes, shoes, and accessories available for you to try.

This is a sure fire way to earn bonuses and build your career.

Always have something good to wear to any event type.

You’ll have more opportunities to spend your bills, that could, in turn, earn you more experience points. Known Attract more sponsors and dates by looking good usually. Besides, Take note of the progress bar. It means that you’re on the right track to becoming the next music superstar, when this gets filled up easily and frequently. Choose the right clothes and improve your reputation and skills the right way. Now let me tell you something. This means that you can take your time and finish whatever you can without much pressure.

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